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Canon iR5800c Photocopier

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Canon iR5800c Photocopier


  • All-in-one digital copier and laser printer
  • Dual B&W and Colour
  • Network ready
  • PS/PCL/UFR printer board
  • High print resolution
  • Scan, store, and print documents
  • Send to email addresses or mailboxes
The new iR5800C Multi Functional Printer (MFP) brings the best of all worlds to a busy working environment. As a highly productive printer, copier and scanner, it simplifies the task of creating and distributing electronic and paper documents. As an intelligent digital tool, it can improve your network communications and save money through cost control. Select the model that suits your needs. The iR5800CN comes fully network ready with a built-in PS/PCL/UFR printer board. Whilst the iR5800C (copier only) can optionally be connected to 3 different printer boards.

Because the iR5800C is intelligent when linked to your network, you can scan in documents fast and send them to individual email addresses or mailboxes, a specific database or file server for storage, in black and white or colour. Donít worry about colour congesting your network. Canonís unique smart colour file compression reduces a 300 dpi file to approximately 10% of its original size.
Once the iR5800C has helped you scan, store, send and print documents electronically, the least it can do is finish them in style. Choose from a range of options that put the final professional touch to your brilliant black and white documents with smart colour when you need it. From collating, hole punching and multi position stapling to impressive saddle stitched booklets. The iR 5800C also accommodates printing on tabs, transparencies and has a separate feed for covers.



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