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Guild of Master Craftsmen

Refurbished Canon Photocopiers

ABT Ltd, Suppliers to the UK

FREE PHONE 0800 389 1304

Please select the Refurbished Photocopier you require from below for further details

Black and White Photocopiers

ModelSpeed Mono (ppm A4)Document FeederDuplex (Double Sided)PrintFaxScanSendNetworkMax Paper HandlingABT Price
Canon iR160016OptionNoOptionNoNoNoOptionA3795.00
Canon iR200020OptionNoOptionNoNoNoOptionA3995.00
Canon iR220022OptionYesOptionOptionOptionNoOptionA31,500.00
Canon iR2200i22OptionYesYesOptionYesYesYesA31,750.00
Canon iR280028OptionYesOptionOptionOptionNoOptionA31,995.00
Canon iR330033OptionYesOptionOptionOptionNoOptionA32,015.00
Canon iR3300i33OptionYesYesOptionYesYesYesA32,955.00
Canon iR40040OptionYesOptionOptionNoNoOptionA32,821.00
Canon iR4600N4650 SheetYesYesNoYesNoYesA33,090.00
Canon iR50005050 SheetYesOptionNoOptionNoOptionA32,495.00
Canon iR5000i5050 SheetYesYesNoYesYesYesA32,895.00
Canon iR5020i5050 SheetYesYesNoYesYesYesA33,395.00
Canon iR60006050 SheetYesYesNoYesYesYesA32,995.00
Canon iR6000i6050 SheetYesYesNoYesYesYesA33,495.00
Canon iR6020i6050 SheetYesYesNoYesYesYesA33,795.00
Canon iR720072100 SheetYesOptionNoOptionOptionOptionA3POA
Canon iR850085100 SheetYesOptionNoOptionOptionOptionA3POA
Canon iR105105100 SheetYesOptionNoOptionOptionOptionA34,995.00

Please select the Refurbished Photocopier you require from below for further details

Colour Photocopiers

ModelSpeed Mono (ppm A4)Speed Colour (ppm A4)Document FeederDuplex (Double Sided)PrintFaxScanSendNetworkMax Paper HandlingABT Price
Canon iRC2620N2626100 SheetYesYesOptionYesOptionYesA32,995.00
Canon CLC26202626100 SheetYesOptionOptionOptionOptionOptionA32,495.00
Canon iRC3200N3232100 SheetYesYesOptionYesOptionYesA33,495.00
Canon iRC3220N3232100 SheetYesYesOptionYesOptionYesA33,995.00
Canon CLC32003232100 SheetYesOptionOptionOptionOptionOptionA32,495.00
Canon CLC32203232100 SheetYesOptionOptionOptionOptionOptionA32,995.00


All offers are subject to availability. Prices exclude VAT and include delivery to the Greater London area only.
Technical specifications are for guidance only and cannot be guaranteed accurate.  Errors and omissions excepted.
Please note that images on this site usually show items with all accessories and that these are not included in the price.
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